An New Beginning for DHS – Acknowledging the Efforts of Students And Teachers

Mariam Bhavnagarwala, Staff Writer

With an ever growing population at DHS, it is possible for students and teachers to feel like they are drowning in a loss of recognition and pertinent information. However many use the opportunities a large school setting provides to thrive by being themselves. Countless students and teachers work hard every day to make DHS a better place. When interviewing random students throughout the school from each grade, many have an idea of who they know is putting a lot of effort into their community. 

While titles such as ‘Student of the Month’ and ‘Teacher of the Month’ are not officially a part of DHS’s innumerable endeavors, The Hatter’s Herald would like to officially recognize those who go above and beyond. A small, but priceless “thank you” by the students of DHS for someone in their grade who has worked hard each month is something that is essential to the growth and morale of students. 

After interviewing students about the ideal Student of the Month in their grade, nominations [as of present] include: Nadia Alam, Mariam Bhavnagarwala, Pearl Chia, Declan Keefe, Amy Kouch, Audrey Kpodar, Jayden Leroy, Kiara Mendoza, Casey Ramos, Valerie Ramos, Caroline Stanton, Maria Stradilis, and Y Nguyen. Many of these students not only put in an effort to improve the quality of the education for all students at DHS, but also work with outside organizations in order to improve our community as a whole. Kindness, collaborative effort, and leadership are qualities that are observed by students at DHS and greatly appreciated. Students nominated teachers they would like to applaud for their work in making DHS a more compassionate, educational, and successful school as well. 

Teacher nominations are vital, too. The work that teachers do for students at DHS goes a long way, when it comes to appreciation and the success of students. Mr. Euchner, an English teacher at DHS believes ‘Teacher of the Month’ “should come from whether teachers are empowering his or her students to reach their goals.” Teacher nominations are agreed upon by many teachers as not just something that is regarded a popularity contest, but as an award that gives recognition to the teachers who “have good results in their class, make students feel good about learning, and help others – not just with what they do in their own classroom but what they do to influence Danbury High School as a whole,” as expressed by English teacher, Mr Hitchcock.

Teachers that have been commended for their efforts (by students and teachers alike) include, but are not exclusive to: Mr. Altieri, Ms. Costello (Simonelli), Mr. Esposito, Mr. Euchner, Mr. Foley, Mr Franco, Mr. Fraticelli, Ms. Hay, Mr. Hitchcock, Mr. Holmes, Ms. Lewis, Ms. Nesi, Ms. Panaelidis, Ms. Peloso, Ms. Pugliese, Mr. Safiri, Mr. Shafer, Mr. Sinha, Ms. Stankiewicz, and Ms. Tong. 

While some believe that awards for nominations should include gift cards for teachers to buy educational tools or for students to buy school supplies as incentive, many agree that an award of recognition for the students and teachers who work to make DHS a better place, little by little, everyday, is invaluable itself.

If you or your peers would like to nominate someone for future ‘Student of the Month’ and ‘Teacher of the Month’ awards, keep a look out for the Hatters Herald instagram page which will have polls or forms for you to fill out! Our instagram handle is @dhshattersherald, or you can use this link: Hatters Herald Instagram