Capstone – The Action Projects


Lilly Calipa, Staff Writer

As of the 2022-2023 school year, Capstone is a semester course that can be taken by sophmores, juniors, and seniors who will receive 1 credit. The Civics Action Project is designed for students to be able to make an impact on the real world and issues that are important and matter to themselves. 

This year at DHS, we have seen some students who have really worked hard and put in effort to create Capstone projects that are effective and informative. Around the campus we have seen projects like clothing and food drive bins. Groups of students that are a part of this class, have taken action in promoting their projects. For example, creating Tik Tok and Instagram accounts to spread awareness over social media. Brody Berman, a Sophmore, created an Instagram account to spread awareness on food shelters in Danbury. Social media is a great way to reach out and provide the public with information and opportunities. 

Haylee Capone, a 10th grade student in Capstone,  created a project based on mentoring younger kids. To put this project together, her group went to King Street Elementary School to mentor kindergarten students. She explained how enjoyable her experience was by playing games and talking to the kids. Her plans for the future is to make a club to continue her project. 

Another project we have seen a lot of are posters and sign up sheets. To promote awareness on topics such as sexual harassment and homelessness in Danbury, students have created informational posters to hang up on bulletin boards and doors. Seeing these posters are helpful for anyone struggling who feel they either can’t or don’t know how to reach out for help. 

Capstone Projects have had an extremely positive impact on DHS this year. Students have made a noticeable effort and impact for change. These projects are well thought out and can even be helpful towards community service hours as well.