New AP has passion for helping students


Naomi Thomas

Fallon Daniels is the new assistant principal for level 2

Katie Walsh, Editor in Chief

 DHS had 150 applicants for the Level 2 assistant principal position that opened up at the end of last year. Ultimately, Fallon Daniels became clear as the best fit for the large and diverse student body.

  Daniels has extensive experience in an administration position. She formerly served as an assistant principal at New Haven and Hartford schools and a principal at New Haven schools. She has also taught science and was a lead science teacher, the equivalent to a department head at DHS.

    Principal Dan Donovan said he considers her “extensive amount of school leadership as one of her strongest attributes. It is not often you have someone who can bring a new perspective in their position, but Ms. Daniels, having spent time as a principal, can do that.”

   The job opened when Linda Schreiner returned to Beaver Brook after a year in the job.

   Daniels decided to make the transition from principal to an assistant principal “in interest for her family.” She is a breast cancer survivor, which led her to take herself away from all the responsibilities of a principal. However, she still wanted to contribute to administration and leave an impact on students because this is her passion.

  As an assistant principal here at DHS, her job entails various duties to help keep the school in check. She is the school’s science administrator and the administrator for the senior class. She is in charge of student conflict mediation and works with behavior management. As well as, works closely with the administration team to help build a safe school environment. Daniels also has multiple duties with ISS, parking, lunch and buses.

  Daniels sees a bright future here and is looking forward to “being apart of the DHS community, and being a part of the team to support students and staff and making everyone feel welcome and supported.”

   DHS left a lasting impression on the first day of school to her. She was impressed with “the organization of the school and everyone’s [ability and knowledge of] what to do,” citing the students, staff and administration’s incredible work to make that happen in such a large school.

  She herself admitted the hardest part of the job was getting accustomed to the various buildings and finding her way throughout the school. In addition, she’s trying to get used to her new schedule.

Outside of her job, Daniels has many hobbies. She considers herself a huge Game of Thrones fan and is an avid reader. She loves to shop online and enjoys the sport of volleyball. Daniels is a an advocate for mental health awareness and breast cancer prevention. She is a mother to her son and enjoys hanging out with her family and friends.

   Daniels’ passion for education led her to become the first college graduate in her family and she hopes to inspire her students on their own path for success.

   “I love being able to advocate and support students to reach their goals after high school. I want to give back because I am where I am because of the support I had as a young adult.”