A declassified AP Exam survival guide


Naomi Thomas

Students studying to prepare for next weeks AP exams in the career center.

Naomi Thomas, Arts and Clubs Editor

AP Exams are one week away, are you ready? Here are some survival tips to help prepare for exams.

  1. Create a schedule and stick to it.
  2. Ask your teacher if they are free after school so you may do some practice tests with them one on one
  3. Look through your tests and quizzes throughout the year to figure out what your weaknesses and strengths are
  4. Plan something to do after the test to motivate yourself
  5. Plan an amazing breakfast before you go as well
  6. During your study hall or lunch period go to the career center, not the library to study for the exam. The career center is better because it has no service so your phone will not work.
  7. Make a study group with one of your friends and then three of the people you don’t really talk to in your class. Chances are if you yourself are struggling in class your favorite classmate is probably too.
  8. Ask your teacher if they know any of their past students who have done well on the exam who is willing to come and talk to your class so you know what to expect from a students point of view.
  9.  Put yourself in a similar testing environment
  10. Find resources online. Use academic sites such as Khan Academy or AP study notes.
  11. Relax! Chances are that if you have lasted this long in the course you are capable of passing. Make sure to stay hydrated and take breaks. Take a break by taking a short nap, going outside, or listening to a nice playlist.